Friday, September 23, 2011

The Army of the South came North with pride
Success had given confidence to end
The War with one final battle to win
The army had experienced success
In the prior

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sane Exam

It appears SANE Exams were given to the alleged underage victims of Warren Jeffs. Given the allegations that were being made at the time, it made sense for the exams to be done. and yet the results of those exams have disappeared. The results were not presented at the custody hearing for Merrianne Jessop or at the trial of Warren Jeffs. The implications are obvious. The tests failed to prove that Merrianne had been abused.
Emailed Texas CPS. Inquired about SANE exam. Reply said records were confidemtial. They quoted the exact spot in their legal code. Only problem with this is the state of Texas often doesnt obey its own laws. That same code requires the state to establish that the call reporting abuse is not a hoax. They then have 24 hours to respond. They did not check the call and they took 5 days to invade the ranch with a small army.

1. Merrianne Jessop 2. Teresa Jeffs 2. SANE exam 3. Angie Voss 4. Ruby Gutierez 5. Texas CPS
6. 7. 261.201(b) of the Texas Family Code

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Warren Jeffs

The evil one is sent to depths of hell,
The good ones know that he deserved his fate,
He earned his sentence is not tough to sell,
Near everyone arose to take that bait.
We know that Jeffs allows little dissent,
But we have learned not to follow the crowd.
The Good Willie was ordered to repent,
Jeffs was prophet and thinking not allowed.
The captives were driven to Baptist church
The tests were done to satisfy Ruby,
Results surprised, thus leaving case in lurch,
Merrianne was pure as Virgin Mary.
Those who persuade themselves they follow good,
Should know the evil if only they would.

1. FLDS hate crowd 2. Warren Jeffs 3. Willie Jessop 4. 2008 El Dorado Raid 5. FLDS children and Mothers 6. El Dorado Baptist Church, El Dorado, Texas, USA 7. Ruby Gutierez 8. Merrianne Jessop 9. Virgin Mary

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Work in Progress

The mighty Boehner stood his holy ground,
By manly tears the means to wealth he found.
He meant to aid the holders of that mint,
Which was the reason he to the house went.
Eric Cantor joined the quest for billionairers,
The rabble love themselves and put on aires.
The Koch brothers led the march for wealth,
On to glory they led by means of stealth.
They made certain the deserving kept their loot,
For those who yearned they saw no way to root.
They claimed that super rich are job savers,
Therefore on taxes they must have wavers.
Ideology speaks on these heated terms,
No jobs have been created by our firms.
Jobs are located in Chinese sweat shops,
Where suicide is common by poor sops.
The right-wing theory does not fit the facts,
What they believe is how they make their pacts.
CEOS make huge amounts of cash,
Boehner says that those challenge that are rash.
He offers no explanation for lack of jobs,
The faith in theory counts more than our sobs.
Grover Norquist wanted to kill the government,
To drown it in bathtub was his lament.
He captured any person of his sect,
No taxes was the means to gain respect.
The wealthy do perfectly well by themselves,
Norquist thinks we must help the rich ourselves.
Romney says businesses are people too,
They must have money for good things to do. ?

!. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, 2. Eric Cantor 3. Koch Brothers 4. Grover Norquist 5. Mitt Romney

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Other America

When I was in my youth, a pack of lies
Replaced the myths that were the country's ties.
The country reached understanding on war,
That blazed between the states, to where we are.
We reached a shared understanding to grow
Together as the one nation we know.
The coming of struggle for civil rights,
Brought forth the hate from the historic fights.
South changed from honored and respected foes
To villian in the tale of country's woes.
No other group can be focus of hate,
The wrongs done to the South are gone of late.
The soldiers from the North pillaged and burned
To be certain that fear was lesson learned.
This has been lost from mind of winning side,
Since they see not our reason for divide.
The truth says wrong is wrong as it occures,
The cause of liberty is always hers.
The lady liberty holds torch aloft
Her force of nature will never be soft.
Lincoln said God is not on just one side,
Truth is soveriegn and never has it lied.
We are the same as all the rest of you,
Such common spirit is our basic glue.
We give respect for understanding the same,
We seek humanity in common name.

1. American Civil War 2. Civil Rights 3. General Sherman 4. Abraham Lincoln and 2nd Inaugraton speech.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Guns and America

In Arizona, the past is not yet past,
Its attitude is still with us at last.
The certitude is here that all is well,
With a gun loving cult is easy to tell.
A shooting in Arizona took place,
Six fell down dead in unheroic race.
Strong voices have announced themselves in rage,
To say how their viewpoints could prove a sage.
The NRA said tragedy proves view,
That all good ones should arm as thing to do.
Those who love sense do not have need to prove,
A fetish for all things with a cruel groove.
Some people think that they can regulate
Away the woe that came on awesome date.
The zealous ones believe all they who slow,
What they believe to be a right is foe.
They noticed not that none replied with gun,
They claim a right to do what was not done.
The weapon of the mad man flew off shelves,
So people could do self-defense themselves.
The public rarely has a threat to face,
They site the possible to build their case.
The fervant seek the unrestricted right,
To own all manner of guns for a fight.
No matter the damage that they may do
The Mexican gunmen love their rights too.
Our guns fuel bloody fight for narco trade
To supply this warfare buyers are paid.
From Arizona, the guns cross in flood,
The fervent believes restrictions a dud.
They present no answer to the gore's flow,
The fervent do not care where the guns go.
They are so insistent on claiming right,
The guns don't have the big picture in sight.
They have no knowledge of our history,
They think Davey Crockett is real story.
Myth creates more belief than any truth,
Egos have certian needs they seek to sooth.
Our myths see every man as Daniel Boone,
Belief in past regards a gun as boon.
Boone and Ethan Allen were special men
Other men were great hunters now and then.
The pioneers ate their domestic stock,
Small game was food as steady as a rock.
The Civil War was great and awful thing,
The gun emerged as a terrible king.
The myth says West was settled man on man,
In the epic gunfights, from which few ran.
Prohibition came on with violence,
Guns existed to bring an end to sense.
Oswald purchased a rifle through the mail,
Guns were angered through efforts to curtail.
The ultra-right controlled the highest Court,
For violence, they made the second a fort.
Ms. Angle said apply the remedy,
Second in the consitution's lit'ny.
Jared Loughner applied the solution,
That they said was the way to stop destruction.