Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Poem For Merrianne Jessop

CPS took children from their safe nest,
Terror entered young minds that lost a home,
Thus evil entered while peace was at rest
And sent the innocent children to roam.
Mir'cle occured at appellate level,
Children returned to loving Mother's arms,
Judge Walther was the CPS devil,
Who sent poor Merrianne to the sure harms,
Poor Merrianne Jessop spends nights alone,
Held as hostage by souless goons from state
Of CPS who act as mindless clone,
Only the just are considered as great.
Justice comes slowly to the patient ones,
As FLDS roams under all suns.

Judge Barbara Walther, who for some unknow reason, needed to handle cases civil or criminal.

Friday, January 30, 2009

A Poem for the FLDS

The Police came in armed to the utmost,
Prepared to quash all threats from those at peace.
No one could say they could not take that post,
They wanted the FLDS to cease.
Good Angie Voss came to save the children,
By destroying the home in which they lived.
She came in behind the rifle toting men,
Found love and peace, became very livid.
The pied piper took the children to camp,
With Mothers at the Fort Concho prison.
The shade of hate shattered the brightest lamp
And children were scattered by Texas sun.
They struggled onward with the heavy strain,
Place on their struggling souls by Texas bain.

1. 2008 El Dorado Raid 2. Angie Voss, Texas CPS case worker 3. Fort Concho (San Angelo, Texas)