Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Brief Hour of Youth-Intellectual

Those were days of majic,
When all the world was young.
I could debate with ease,
Convinced that I was right.

Those were days of vigor,
All the world was at loss.
I had all the wisdom,
Or so I once thought.

Youth grows old and palsied,
Youth's brightness turns to dust.
It ceases to be bold,
It ceases to be carefree.

Once I feared my old age,
My loss of timeless youth,
But I had my hour,
I loved it for what it was.

All that is good in man
Will come to its own end.
It loses its time and place
And makes way for the new.

The Brief Hour of Youth-Athletic

Those were days of majic,
When all the world was young.
I could run with the wind,
With not a breathless step.

Those were days of delight,
I had not lost my youth.
All my vigor was mine,
I had not slowed my step.

Youth grows old and palsied,
Youth's brightness turns to dust.
It ceases to be bold,
It stops being carefree.

Once I feared my old age,
My slowing endurance,
But I had my hour,
I loved it for its sake.

All that is good in man
Will come to its own end.
It loses its time and place
And makes way for the new.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


How can you hold the dream from her eyes,
Once she has felt the feel of power?
She was snatched by the searing flame at sunrise
From the fabulous forms of pharohs.

Never tell of the nothingness
Of her long search for a vacant throne.
She must never know she is sanity
In a mad, Malivachian world.

She sits in still, sad madness
In her long, flowing royal robes,
Commanding armies that will never march,
Commanding audiences with servants of state.

She stood sadly in her tears,
As they led Maximillian to the wall
To a reality she would never know,
The empress has stayed forever in the past.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Young Soldier

Off to the war went the soldier,
Off with banners flying,
Off with bands playing,
Off to fight for justice,
Off to see what it meant.

There was much that was valiant,
There was much that was cruel,
There were those who killed for no reason,
There were those who died unknown,
There were who died for nothing.

He was brave, young and naive,
He was diillusioned, inspired and reshaped,
He slept in the mud and the driving rain,
He was invincible
Until the day he died.

Home they brought the soldier,
Home to the speeches,
Home to the textbooks,
Home to the country churchyard
Covered with weeds.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


He stopped in the small store where he did shop.
He heard what he was slow to comprehend.
She said it was a crime we could not stop,
The jet aircraft damage we could not mend.
She said everything in sight was destroyed,
His mind did not absorbe the news right then,
He knew the future was becoming void,
Shock filled his psyche at evil of such men,
Who terrorized us so mad ideas could win.

He watched with concern on closest tv,
He slowly understood what had occured.
Flames leaped out of the towers in city,
Which the world in trade had in time deffered.
No one who was near him had much to say,
The sight of horror was enough to quell
All useless words, it was a tragic day.
It was not only the towers that fell,
As security fled down the deep darkest well.

Little big man hid out in a bunker,
While boogey man defended the country.
All airliners were moved out of danger.
The boogey man would act without pity,
That scarred his soul and left him without one,
He was to be the voice that was insane.
While the wise ones decided it was done,
Little big man could no longer be wain,
He was supposed to lead a land in psychic pain.

Little Big Man talked to stricken country,
With no inspiration or conviction.
He could not feel our common empathy,
Yet he was a decider for nation.
He could have led nations in a just war,
At start, he went alone without the aid
Of all other nations, just he would roar,
He would allow aid from the world to fade.
He would offend Muslems by launching a crusade.

Little Big Man journeyed to holy ground,
He grabbed bull horn from a heroic man,
Get him dead or alive, the chief was bound
To policy from which he should have ran.
Of course, Little Big Man would later state,
The bad man is either dead or alive.
Little Big Man we will show we can hate
At this, we are better than any hive,
We do not marry law as careful as we wive.

We invaded the stan from which it came,
Victory came too fast for white house warlords
They knew that terror was always the same
This gave a reason to conquer new worlds
Little Big Man had chance to be new man
They settled on the land of rivers two,
Little Big man was persuaded we can
Do anything, nothing we cannot do,
Little Big Man would be so cocky with his crew.

The boogey man had his soul scorched by day
Of destiny, he could not find his soul
The boogey man could only find the way
Of Bin Laden and imitate his goal.
The boogey man took the Little Big Man
Out on the warlike path where he was tossed
Little big man went forward so he can
Do what his daddy failed to do, he bossed
Himself and some others, only the truth he glossed.

They fitted the intelligance to plan,
Selected the facts to the truth they told
Those who loved peace found they could not ban
The rush to war by those who were too bold
Led us to a quagmire without a peace
They rushed in where good angels fear to tread
Because they loved faith, not allowing piece
Of actual facts to pierce an actual head,
From their lies would come thousands who are actual dead.

The man said shit happens, we know it did,
They rushed in where the thoughtful fear to tread,
They did Iraq over so they could rid
Of the reality that only they had said
IEDS were in store for our soldier boys
Thousands of dead was the Iraqi fate
Bush played commander-in chief with fierce toys
Our exit would be an elusive date,
On other fields, our small presence would just annoy.

The man who time has come stepped up to test
The policy of change for times of fear.
The man whose time has come to be the best
Moves to pick up the mantle that lies near.
Discordant voices tears apart the air,
Not making easy his difficult task,
What is worthwhile is always very rare.
He hides true feelings with a public mask,
Public obligations is tough for all to wear.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Abyss

We stared too long into that black abyss,
We lost our souls in the cold land of fear.
The worst of foes we were able to miss,
Since we tortured those who were only near.
Once we portrayed ourselves as the good guys,
Now, we wallow only in the pig's sty.
In the good war, we witnessed victim's cries,
In our time, we went to war with Bush's lie.
We have lost our way giving hate for hate.
We gave up better natures too easy,
Taking the easy route to test our fate,
We were too angry to take time to see.
Fear soaks through our clothes to unfeeling skin,
We do not have the means to feel our sin.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

To My Sister on Her Birthday

Whan all the world is lost in daily life,
We are the ones who can hold on to good.
Through all the troubles of the world of strife,
We rest our love on claims of common blood.
We learn to love when we are most in need,
When we are gay we have no need of love.
It is in times of woe brought on by greed
For baser things of life, which none above
Have any affection for, why should we
Let our lives be despoiled by serving lies.
The deeper values, these we use to see
The way to life, The lack of vision dies.
Thus we have need of loves that we may live,
A life of love to which we only give.