Monday, February 28, 2011

The Other America

When I was in my youth, a pack of lies
Replaced the myths that were the country's ties.
The country reached understanding on war,
That blazed between the states, to where we are.
We reached a shared understanding to grow
Together as the one nation we know.
The coming of struggle for civil rights,
Brought forth the hate from the historic fights.
South changed from honored and respected foes
To villian in the tale of country's woes.
No other group can be focus of hate,
The wrongs done to the South are gone of late.
The soldiers from the North pillaged and burned
To be certain that fear was lesson learned.
This has been lost from mind of winning side,
Since they see not our reason for divide.
The truth says wrong is wrong as it occures,
The cause of liberty is always hers.
The lady liberty holds torch aloft
Her force of nature will never be soft.
Lincoln said God is not on just one side,
Truth is soveriegn and never has it lied.
We are the same as all the rest of you,
Such common spirit is our basic glue.
We give respect for understanding the same,
We seek humanity in common name.

1. American Civil War 2. Civil Rights 3. General Sherman 4. Abraham Lincoln and 2nd Inaugraton speech.