Friday, January 28, 2011

Guns and America

In Arizona, the past is not yet past,
Its attitude is still with us at last.
The certitude is here that all is well,
With a gun loving cult is easy to tell.
A shooting in Arizona took place,
Six fell down dead in unheroic race.
Strong voices have announced themselves in rage,
To say how their viewpoints could prove a sage.
The NRA said tragedy proves view,
That all good ones should arm as thing to do.
Those who love sense do not have need to prove,
A fetish for all things with a cruel groove.
Some people think that they can regulate
Away the woe that came on awesome date.
The zealous ones believe all they who slow,
What they believe to be a right is foe.
They noticed not that none replied with gun,
They claim a right to do what was not done.
The weapon of the mad man flew off shelves,
So people could do self-defense themselves.
The public rarely has a threat to face,
They site the possible to build their case.
The fervant seek the unrestricted right,
To own all manner of guns for a fight.
No matter the damage that they may do
The Mexican gunmen love their rights too.
Our guns fuel bloody fight for narco trade
To supply this warfare buyers are paid.
From Arizona, the guns cross in flood,
The fervent believes restrictions a dud.
They present no answer to the gore's flow,
The fervent do not care where the guns go.
They are so insistent on claiming right,
The guns don't have the big picture in sight.
They have no knowledge of our history,
They think Davey Crockett is real story.
Myth creates more belief than any truth,
Egos have certian needs they seek to sooth.
Our myths see every man as Daniel Boone,
Belief in past regards a gun as boon.
Boone and Ethan Allen were special men
Other men were great hunters now and then.
The pioneers ate their domestic stock,
Small game was food as steady as a rock.
The Civil War was great and awful thing,
The gun emerged as a terrible king.
The myth says West was settled man on man,
In the epic gunfights, from which few ran.
Prohibition came on with violence,
Guns existed to bring an end to sense.
Oswald purchased a rifle through the mail,
Guns were angered through efforts to curtail.
The ultra-right controlled the highest Court,
For violence, they made the second a fort.
Ms. Angle said apply the remedy,
Second in the consitution's lit'ny.
Jared Loughner applied the solution,
That they said was the way to stop destruction.