Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time marches onward to its end,
We have no chance to stop the wheel
We can neither deflect or bend
The arrow will deliver the seal.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mickey Mantle

He was the fair-haired child of destiny,
Expressing with his bat what we were not.
He was Apollo as humanity,
The image made us an adoring lot.
We viewed our hero through the haze of hype,
His struggles with life mattered not at all.
We looked past reality to love the life
As myth, We wanted heroes standing tall.
Time winds its way deflecting magic dreams,
Too late we sought the wisdom we can know
And wasted we our youth, we are mere gleams,
We felt the Sun's warmth, it's rays gave no glow.
We searched for heroes that we could admire,
As icons, never did they lite the fire.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Generation Gap

We never dared to speak the love we shared,
We never thought about the angry heart.
What could we share if only we had dared
To love, a gift of love we could impart?
We saw so little on the stage of life,
That we together could agree was right.
We could only descend into that strife
Of sight of train which was oncoming light.
Dad went to Vietnam, I think it made
Him angry at someone, I was the one,
That anger he conceived, was onto laid,
I had no means to be the goodly son.
I, haunted in my dreams for special love
I could not have, could never learn to love.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brooke Adams Takes a Stand

Nobel Adams takes stand against libel,
She's right to say no cop made such a charge
Against wrong I cannot show any bull,
It's hard becuase the wrong has grown so large.
A lover named Lamont Barlow made love,
Made love to Elissa, they said she was
Just sixteen, and he was seven years above.
No wrong was ever charged by biased fuzz.
The logic of Adams says it's no rape,
No LE ever said it was a crime.
Justice must be acted to be on tape
It will be done to be broadcast in time.
The justice done to the FLDS
Will be repudi'ted in time, no less.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tet Offensive-1968

The TV images sent us a lie,
Which watched we with the horror of a shock,
The VC died in fact, TV we die,
Once McNamera said it was a lock.
Ol' Cronkite, mad by those official lies,
Went over there and created more lies,
We were bad guys, he said, No more he buys
Of right to goodly role, for truth who dies?
Truth is an orphan, much despised in fact.
Who sees humanity and villany
In all one word? We make no lasting pact,
Because we know not well enough to see.
All the pain we saw on flick'ring TV,
Could not provide the means to truely see.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plundering the FLDS

Bruce Wisan is a thief
Bruce Wisan is a thief,
Sells land he does not own
To pay the debt that came.

Bruce Wisan wages war,
Bruce Wisan wages war,
He Charges his victims,
They always pay the price.

The mighty judge presides,
The mighty judge presides,
The wrong she does is right,
She only follows law.

Lindberg knows the law,
Lindberg knows the law,
Law is a messy thing,
Fairness is not her aim.

I saw the buses run,
I saw the darknss fall,
I saw the wrong I should oppose,
That the liars had brought about.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Going to Vietnam

To Vietnam we went, we could not loose,
To Nam we sallied forth to right that wrong,
We heard no heresy, we sang no blues,
We could not know what would become our song.
To Vietnam we went to sanctify
That lasting faith in noble destiny.
We did not think that goverment would lie,
We had not known that bitter litany.
It came to pass in Vietnam , clear faith
Would vanish in smoke of all those firefights,
In us, belief came to be a cruel wraith,
With which we could no longer see the lights.
The failure of nerve, such as we received
From pain of war. In faith we once believed.