Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Many LIes

That poor Elissa told so many lies,
She cannot keep track of what she has said.
She has so many things to consider,
The tangled web of deception has grown.

That Carolyn told many sorry lies,
Evolving over time into a book,
That many foolish readers thought was truth,
That polygamy had to be the wrong.

Poor Flora told lies to such foolish souls,
Who could not question what she had to say.
The reading public knew poligs were wrong,
So what they read could only be the truth.

The buses ran on such terrible lies,
Fam'lies were taken away from Fathers,
Mothers were ripped from love of their children,
Saint Carolyn could not be a liar.

1. Elissa Wall 2. Carolyn Jessop 3. Flora Jessop 4. 2008 El Dorado Raid

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We fleeced the Indian,
We lied, we failed to keep our word.
It was liquor and beads
For Earth, the heavens and the stars.

Now that we have our prize,
We can afford our sense of guilt.
We seized a continent
To make a home for liberty.

We need not guilty plead
To genocide to cleanse our souls.
The truth is what it is,
Not what we want it to be.

The Tudors charged Richard the third
With murder, not for nothing,
But to protect themselves from those,
Who might cover their costly throne.

The Indian must have his day.
We will not grant the right
To another to steal our land.
Justice is our refuge.