Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Work in Progress

The mighty Boehner stood his holy ground,
By manly tears the means to wealth he found.
He meant to aid the holders of that mint,
Which was the reason he to the house went.
Eric Cantor joined the quest for billionairers,
The rabble love themselves and put on aires.
The Koch brothers led the march for wealth,
On to glory they led by means of stealth.
They made certain the deserving kept their loot,
For those who yearned they saw no way to root.
They claimed that super rich are job savers,
Therefore on taxes they must have wavers.
Ideology speaks on these heated terms,
No jobs have been created by our firms.
Jobs are located in Chinese sweat shops,
Where suicide is common by poor sops.
The right-wing theory does not fit the facts,
What they believe is how they make their pacts.
CEOS make huge amounts of cash,
Boehner says that those challenge that are rash.
He offers no explanation for lack of jobs,
The faith in theory counts more than our sobs.
Grover Norquist wanted to kill the government,
To drown it in bathtub was his lament.
He captured any person of his sect,
No taxes was the means to gain respect.
The wealthy do perfectly well by themselves,
Norquist thinks we must help the rich ourselves.
Romney says businesses are people too,
They must have money for good things to do. ?

!. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, 2. Eric Cantor 3. Koch Brothers 4. Grover Norquist 5. Mitt Romney