Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trubute to Willie

She was my buddy, always by my side,
A scruffy little dog with heart of gold.
She was a friend to whom love was applied,
With all the fervor that I long to hold.
A true friend who made no love 's exception,
She loved all people with love's true intent
With her wag, there was no one she would shun
Her lovely soul was to everyone sent.
All good things, especially dogs can't last,
She fed too much on ev'ry bite I gave,
The sick I gave her sent her to my past,
It was a good dog that I could not save.
I gave love freely to a mongrel pet
She returned my love freely when we met.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hussein the Martyr

Some think it insane
To blame martyr Hussein,
What will, what may become.
I think it plain,
That if martyr Hussein
Should prove to be insane,
The rights of all will wane,
What may, what does become.
The law of the insane
Could be our last and only bane,
What has, what has become.

Poem was written during the nIneties when Clinton and not Bush contemplated an invasion of Iraq. pre- 9/11

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Wisdom of Betty and Chemist

Betty says girls of the FLDS,
Without a public showing, they must be
Confused idiots trained to be robots,
Without one, she knows what facts we should see.
Betty is confused, actions speak louder
Than words, girls went to stay with state two moons,
The efforts to force made Betty prouder,
The failure to brainwash surprised the goons.
These proud women of the FlDS
Did not surrender their faith to self-help.
Their actions of love leaves nothing to guess.
They do not use enemy's guile to help.
Chemist knows all about the rule of law,
But rules without justice has fatal flaw.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hilderbran Gloats

Hilderbran gloats over his cruel misdeeds,
He claims he protects those poor girls he hates,
He loves hate mail from hate that his bile seeds
Good seeks the forgiveness that love creates.
Hilderbran loves harm he's done to Mormons.
Children without Fathers, this is his crime,
Texas has more teenage Mothers, no less,
And yet his hate of good takes up his time.
Hilderbran saw a strong need to create,
Young Fernanda was the first mother proud,
The state knew she was certainly not late,
YFZ did not make Texas a crowd.
Hilderbran what did you do to create?
Truth is on time and can never be late.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Fall of a Would-Be Lover

I met a Goddess, five-foot-three brunette,
At the local bookstore where she did work.
She had a pretty face, a lovely smile
And was almost as smart as I myself
Where I would shop to see what new treasures
They had put on the shelf to tempt to spend
More than my meager wallet could sustain
I saw her lookimg my way with a smile,
That was seductive or so I assumed.
In a short while, I came up with the nerve
To say hello, she said to me "hello",
That was the start of a nice dialogue.
She was not easy to impress with smarts.
She knew almost as much as I about
All those great minds and writers of great books
I thought she liked me by the smiles received
By me when I met her at the bookstore.
I nervously contemplated the quest
Of a night out with the brunette Goddess.
As she did the shelves of books with no
Idea of intent regarding her.
I sought the nerve to ask my angel out
I sought to be privlidged ro spend time
In company with her out on the town.
I asked if I could have a date with her,
I was then crushed by her firm refusal.

I do not have dates with customers,,
I do not mix business with my own time,
Where i have quests I have to resolve.
I have to mediate with my own God
And not the God of orginized churches.
I stay out at my house in the dark woods,
Where I can contemplatethe world as it
Goes by the road I travel to my house.
Each day at work you light the day for me
Amid the clutter of turmoil and books,
But this is not enough for me to yield.
You have no knowledge as I really am
You paint too good a picture of my charms,
You are in love with your angel, not me,
I am a fuddy-dud not an angel
Or anything beyond plain and common.

I drove away that day to take my pain
Away and leave my disappointment to
My fate which is to know how I can learn
To come back at life when it fails
To satisfy all my basic desires.
Though I am in the midst of a foul mood,
I know i canot match by any means,
With God or mediate with his insights.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We Three Kings of Injustice

We three Kings of injustice are
Bearing hate, our pursuit mar
Good and decent, love, pure at heart,
Following broadcast war.


O Star of justice, Star we hate,
Star with justice richly great,
Justice leading, just deserving,
This is the star we always hate.

Came Jagels on Bakerfield's plain
Hate I bring to jail them again
Hate forever, ceasing never
Sending them all to pain.

Repeat Chorus:

Bigoting to offer have I,

Abbot i make policy bad

Hate and hating, i have to lie
Handcuff them, they must sigh.

Repeat Chorus:

Hate is thine, it's bitter perfume
Breathes on life of hater's gloom
hating, snarling, spewing, sealing
Bigot Matt Smith in doom.

Repeat chorus

FLDS will now arise

Christ and God and sacrifice

Alleujah! Alleujah!

The Saints have now their replies.

Repeat Chorus:


The Earth is an old master of our fate,
Which will return our souls to the fine dust.
The Earth is an old guardian that must
Retain its majic hold o'er small and great.

We are the creatures of an early time,
Whose minds are filled with glimpses of Byblos.
Once more we are destroyed by the same foes,
Who mixed Ebla with the eternal grime.

Troy was to live again through Schli'mann's dream
Of finding where the fabled city lay.
The sceptics had lost forever the day,
They won no more of truth than a pale gleam.

Our souls were molded by the Hebrew dust,
To give the people of the world a faith.
The faith of the ages became a wraith,
Which turned the iron morale of faith to rust.

To dust our bodies will go when we die,
To eternal old ruins we search for truth,
When our eternal psyches need life to soothe
Our souls when in the ancient dust we lie.

No sacred promise can leave our souls bound,
No final answer can make destiny
Adhere to rigid laws that cannot be
Examined by a sense of what is sound.

The truth is where the mind will learn to search
For answers to the stormy trail of life.
The ancient ruins of Mother Earth are rife,
With the ideals of life on which to perch.

Christmas Time

This is the time of year to feel the pulse
Of all mankind run through the frosty air.
This is the spirit that lets us repulse
The selfish craving that has place a glare
Over the basic values we hold dear.
This is the spirit of good will and peace
Possessed by those rare souls who can not fear
To give their all to life to gain a lease
Of life to love. We cannot swallow ill
And hope to have a vital goal to push
Our timid souls to greater feats of will,
Tlie will to overcome the lies that crush.
This is the time of man to feel the good,
That we would realize if we only would.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Day breaks slowly on the slow rising land,
The day is slow to start anew.
I sadly hear the sharp calls from a band ,
Of crows, who are not my desire.
I wish to see, instead of this new Sun.
A terrible Sun God arise,
Apollo must begin his daily run.

Once God could stare at us through a glass pane,
Now we see only clear blue skies.
God in the first hour creates us in vain,
Now that we know how life began.
We should desire to start a fresh new faith
To sooth the troubled souls of men,
In which our yearning souls can come to bathe.

Once primal terror stalked the souls of men,
Who fled with the approach of storms.
Who thought the Gods who made the storms had been
Made angry by poor sacred gifts.
Emerging man appeased the idols born
Of his desire to know his soul,
Men trembled when they heard old Trition's horn.

Let not despire be our one holy shrine,
We must begin to study life.
We must not follow the sad modern line
Of those who ended their sad lives.
Do they have only tragedy to give?
They have taught us what it is to die,
Where is the poet beginning to live?

My eyes have seen Apollo's light appear
Over the rim of the wide world.
My mind begins to realize that the fear,
That preyed upon the beaten minds,
Shall not possess a lasting hold on man,
We shall not be afraid of doom,
If on our horizons of faith we scan.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Earth Changes IV

Sunshine in spirit sends us soaring up,
Above the clouds to stars, where our minds see.
Realize the delierious daydreams, we sup.
We teach our souls to learn to simply be.
These are the times we seek in later life,
Not fully realizing what we have found.
The aliens have come to end our strife,
Undoing wraith to which our minds are bound.
To live in peace, where we and alien
Life forms have joined endless universal
Desire to have the highest joy, our den
Of sins which we regret, its toll is full.
We are to join the universe, when we
Learn to become the best we are to be.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Earth Changes III

This era will end all our yesterdays,
And send our tired old concepts back to the
Trash heap from whence they came, the same old haze
That clouded our perceptions, changed are we?
The era that gives us a brand new life,
On planet where our speices grew too fast.
We have the oppurtunity to end strife,
Time has become all new to us at last.
Time will be the all to the human race,
That it has been for all humanity.
The beings from a-far have set a pace,
That gives us no good sense of unity.
We blindly find the path of true knowledge,
This leads our spirits out of sad bondage.

They Love the Victims of the FLDS

Rebeckah, Watching and bigoted rest,
They say they love the victims they know not
To whom they have not spoken they know best
They think they know what is terrible blot.
Wrong has been done because they dont know it
When it occures, they spew forth foolish hate.
Only when spark of love of man is lit.
Will they learn their ignorance is not late.
Oppression takes the place of love, because
It 'rives under darkness and not the light.
They cannot see enough to make them pause,
And see forgiveness that makes their souls bright.
Rebeckah, Watching and bigoted rest
I pray I have put your love to the test.

Earth Changes I

The world is turning over on its on,
Taking away the old we have always
Known as the truth. The old ways set the tone
For our beliefs, we thought would last our days.
The Earth changes into a hard new home,
That takes us down the path to hard new night.
The tarnish on our souls cleans the old chrome
Into the images of souls of light.
The aliens came to our sleepy season,
The answer we know not, We seek a goal,
For an answer to the my'stry reason,
That they abduct, it takes a heavy toll.
Now at the very last, it is our time,
Turning over the world, It seems a crime.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I see the trees, the grass, the sea, the sky,
I grasp no meaning from the glimpse of life,
Where the birds sing in vain because the eye
For this brief scene is filled to grief with strife.
I yearn to know the trees, the birds, the sky,
Above all sacred knowledge of the day.
I must no longer be required to lie,
In order to say that I know the way.
The trees stand out against the pale blue sky,
The soil recognizes the message it sends,
With peace on Earth and Heaven, we comply,
With soft command to live the life that mends.
The love of nature sends us through the door,
Of a good life where I can learn to soar.

Friday, December 18, 2009


This is the place where we belong. No way
Can we be turned away, no matter what
We have become, no one can ever say,
That we cannot remember what we got.
Wherever in the whole world wide we roam,
We may always return to this kind place,
Where we are gaurunteed this place called home,
We are always able to show our face.
When we are sick and tired we will go there,
Where we are loved no matter what we've done.
This is the only place to need us, where
We are at ease despite things left undone.
This is not printed in a peerless tome,
It is the love we lovingly call home.

The Persecuting of Allen Keate of the FLDS

The jury saw evil in a good man,
Ignored alleged victim who was not there.
These are good people that you seek to ban,
Your hate has so obviously been laid bare.
They did not care what their victim might think
They lead the nation in teenage childbirth.
Good Mother Fernanda could never sink
Any further, at fifteen she proved her worth
Against the CPS, she has now won,
CPS took no action against young
Mother, Abbot arrested not a one.
The story of the good Dad has been sung.
The story of evil has swept through West,
Abbot prosecutes good and sweeps out best.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Joy of Feminine Beauty

The joy of beauty is innate to us,
Since we attend the march of woeful life
We need the balance of fine things to mend
The imbalance of life we know too well.
The grimness of our age will get us down,
Because we have no way to mend our souls.
We came through life by cultivating love
Of beauty manifest throughout our brief lives.
This is our joy in the illusive sight
Of Beauty, giving our eyes sight on God.

The beauty of all those female bodies

Attach the souls of men to the female

Need for security and lasting love.

We were meant to live together as two,

A woman's beauty and grace lures the man

To wanting and his learning to need her.

The woman's beauty surpasses all things,

In the brief time of our too lonely lives.

I have my own memories of these sights

Of lovely woman's body made for love.

I fondly enjoy the numerous times,

I have enjoyed the feminine figure.

I remember the Playboy centerfold,

I remember the girls in bikinis.

I went to the Valley of Dolls upstate,

There were nude girls dancing all 'bout that place,

I thought I died and had gone to heaven.

I had to leave because I spent my cash.

This is one of very few places that

I was ever driven to drink a beer.

There was a spot on way to Ranger games.

It was a special place called Baby Dolls,

It was filled to the brim with pretty girls,

Who danced beautifully with not much clothes

On their beautifull bodies, delighted

I was with the beauty of feminine form.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Evil in Texas

I see the evil in banal county
Of Schleiter, law misused for wrongful need
To bring a good people to harm, So we
Cannot know that it is hate brought to seed.
I see the hate disguised as the good law
Of benefical norms we love to adore,
My love of fairness they have worn so raw
By injustice that West Texas has wore.
From dark soul, Becky spues her vile abuse,
Attacking those who are better than she.
The FLDS belief is no foul ruse
The FLDS care for more than me.
The evil in West Texas continues
Onward without halt into feeling blues.

1. Schlieter County, Texas 2. Eebecca Musser older sister to Elissa Wall

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Come Away

Come to the sea-shore,
Come to the spray and foam,
Come to where the mind is home,
Where the soul is free,
Come to life that we adore.

Here is life of joy,
Here is joy of peace,
Here we have a piece
Of the life we fail,
Here life needs no serving ploy.

Home we go today,
Home we go to doubt,
Home we leave without
The Sun and the sea-shore,
Home is where the coin has sway.

On Reading Thomas Costain

Have mercy, Sirs, have mercy,
Have mercy on this fool,
I am no evil man,
I will do you no harm.

I was of good intent,
I was a loyal man.
Have mercy! Have mercy!
I can be loyal still.

Where is the noble prince?
He must have mercy
On this foolish soul.
Where is he now?

I am no match
For crafty Mortimer.
I am the perfect fool,
Is that a crime?

Part Two

Lay down your head,
My sweet Lord Kent.
Lay down your Kent,
It's time to rest.

It's not for evil crimes,
You die today.
You dont deserve
To die this way.

This Edward mourned by none
Has gone away.
You tossed your life away,
You fat old fool!

You stupid man,
Lay down your head!
We needed not much bait
To catch a fool.

Part Three

Have mercy, sirs,
On this goodly knight.
He was the best to me,
The King was good to die.

Have mercy on this man,
The King was just a fool.
The King was not the man
That Mortimer has been.

Should love be hid?
Should we have left the King
On his unstable throne?
Where is justice?

I have lost all,
I have lost Mortimer.
Fate was not kind
To me and Mortimer.

Part Four

Have mercy, sirs, have mercy
On this foolish pride.
I lived to rule a realm,
Is pride a crime?

I was of noble birth,
I am a King at heart.
Have mercy on my soul!
I must be royal still.

Have mercy on my soul!
This is no fitting end
For England's best.
Have mercy on my soul!

Great schemes have come
To bitter conclusion.
What is ambition's worth?
Now there is only death.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Come Spring

Come spring, do not be slow,
Come weather send us spring,
Come soft zephyr, now bring
To us the sun of our younger days,
Which warmed our hearts so long ago.

Blow wind, blow cold away,
Blow spring to warm the air,
Blow wind that we may dare
To make a happy world,
Blow wind to clear the better way.

Here comes the day at last,
Here comes the spring sunshine,
Here the rewards are thine,
To savor when it is time
To know the sweep of life is vast.

Why We Need Love

Through all the years of man,
Through all the pain of life,
A strong desire to ban
The ever present sting of life
Runs through our souls like a cold knife.

We sing our songs of joy,
We sing our songs of woe,
This is our fav'rite ploy
To drive away the painful foe
That has too often brought us low.

We take the time to care,
We learn to care so that
Our trembling souls may dare
To banish the consuming rat,
That gnawed at love while dumb we sat

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Elegy for Barbara Jessop

A good person has gone away from us,
Hounded by evil ones who love to hate.
Merrianne loved her Mother and she was
Removed by those poor souls who only hate.

Mean Carolyn incites her hurtful spite
Onto Barbara who won't return her bile.
Car'lyn moves in darkness without the light,
Barbara was without Carolyn's cruel guile.

The bigots of Texas hounded the good,
They were the CPS and Judge Walther.
They stole away her good children to bud
The persecution of her kin plus her.

You know her character from who loves her,
Not by the malignant spirit of hate.
She with her love was Car'lyn's opp'site burr,
For evil her spirit was a cruel bait.

The good we do will overcome the bad,
Barbara knew this to be a lasting fact.
Carolyn's spite leaves her so very sad,
With the forces of hate she made a pact.