Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sane Exam

It appears SANE Exams were given to the alleged underage victims of Warren Jeffs. Given the allegations that were being made at the time, it made sense for the exams to be done. and yet the results of those exams have disappeared. The results were not presented at the custody hearing for Merrianne Jessop or at the trial of Warren Jeffs. The implications are obvious. The tests failed to prove that Merrianne had been abused.
Emailed Texas CPS. Inquired about SANE exam. Reply said records were confidemtial. They quoted the exact spot in their legal code. Only problem with this is the state of Texas often doesnt obey its own laws. That same code requires the state to establish that the call reporting abuse is not a hoax. They then have 24 hours to respond. They did not check the call and they took 5 days to invade the ranch with a small army.

1. Merrianne Jessop 2. Teresa Jeffs 2. SANE exam 3. Angie Voss 4. Ruby Gutierez 5. Texas CPS
6. nwredaction@dfps.state.Texas.us. 7. 261.201(b) of the Texas Family Code

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