Saturday, August 20, 2011

Warren Jeffs

The evil one is sent to depths of hell,
The good ones know that he deserved his fate,
He earned his sentence is not tough to sell,
Near everyone arose to take that bait.
We know that Jeffs allows little dissent,
But we have learned not to follow the crowd.
The Good Willie was ordered to repent,
Jeffs was prophet and thinking not allowed.
The captives were driven to Baptist church
The tests were done to satisfy Ruby,
Results surprised, thus leaving case in lurch,
Merrianne was pure as Virgin Mary.
Those who persuade themselves they follow good,
Should know the evil if only they would.

1. FLDS hate crowd 2. Warren Jeffs 3. Willie Jessop 4. 2008 El Dorado Raid 5. FLDS children and Mothers 6. El Dorado Baptist Church, El Dorado, Texas, USA 7. Ruby Gutierez 8. Merrianne Jessop 9. Virgin Mary

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